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Atlanta, Georgia

Daily Dtox focuses on Ayurveda, Beauty, Health and Wellness and the most optimum ways for the body to Detoxify on a daily basis using Food, Juice, Yoga and Meditation.  



Cold pressed, organic vegetable juicing will flood your body with alkalinity and help to minimize cellulite.

In order to remove the toxins from your body,  you must first draw them out from where they have accumulated in your cells, tissues and organs.  

The way to do this is to consume alkaline forming foods.  Most fresh fruits and vegetables are alkaline and should make up the largest part of your diet.

By choosing certain veggies, herbs, and plants, you can get things moving, flush out a maximum amount of toxins and even boost collagen and elastin.  

The Dtox Liver Flush is a great juice to have for several days if trying to banish cellulite for a bathing suit.  This juice has garlic which helps to stimulate enzymes in the liver to rid it of mercury, food additives and excess estrogen.  This helps to balance the hormones causing weight loss and detoxification to both become easier. If a 16 oz garlic, olive oil, grapefruit, lemon, lime, ginger isn't your cup of tea, garlic elixirs can do the trick in a shot.  

A dandelion elixir or an aloe elixir are both mildly laxative which will get the system moving and help those toxins exit the body.  Aloe also helps to stimulate and regenerate collagen and elastin.  A couple of these shots a day and that certain je ne sais quoi that others can't put their finger on happens to your face.  You'll notice your skin is more plump, dewey and glowing.  Others will notice too.  

Ramping up on aloe will help to improve skin texture all around.