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Gluten Free

Shannon Sliger


Is this gluten free?

Does it matter?  Is it really the gluten we should fear?  Or is it the Roundup ready crops and the glyphosate that causes the problems?  Why is someone gluten sensitive in America and not in Italy?  How does glyphosate interact with mercury and aluminum in vaccines when there is a manganese deficiency?  What happens when giving the newly vaccinated child Tylenol to prevent discomfort.  Do the research.   Know what you're shooting into your kids.  Don't be shamed into not asking.  Demand to know.  

I'm not against vaccinations but I do want to know how things change each year because they do.  Formulas change.  As I get ready to vaccinate this little bunny, I have to research it all again.  

Buy organic wheat products.  What seemed silly to me a couple 0f years ago to have organic, now there is no question.