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Daily Dtox focuses on Ayurveda, Beauty, Health and Wellness and the most optimum ways for the body to Detoxify on a daily basis using Food, Juice, Yoga and Meditation.  



A Blog focusing on Juicing, Ayurveda, Yoga, Recipes, Meditation and all things Health and Wellness.  


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Shannon Sliger

Cleanse can mean many things to different people.  A juice cleanse is NOT a colon cleanse.  There WILL NOT be a mass exodus of everything from your body.  In fact, you will get constipated if you don't have the correct herbs, teas, and juices to keep things moving NORMALLY.  Bathroom visits will be to urinate.   We WILL BE flooding our bodies with organic vitamins, minerals and nutrients and giving digestion energy a rest so that our bodies natural ability to DETOX can turn on to high.  Fiber is being removed from the juice for a short period of time, 1 day, 3 days, 5 days because that is when "cleansing" happens.  Cleansing meaning that toxins are being force from your cells and tissues for elimination through regular means.  During a juice cleanse, the body uses energy for healing rather than digesting fiber.  We are removing mercury, food additives, excess estrogen, any toxic matter that has been neutralized by our fat cells will be forced out for elimination. Toxins can get lodged in the fatty brain cells causing neurological disturbances.  You can be skinny and seemingly healthy and have a fatty liver which affects the performance of all the organs in the body. After a series of "cleanses", or healing periods of rest while focusing on organic nutrition, soups and clean eating included, you will find that aches and PAINS have ceased, headaches and MIGRAINES disappear, ALLERGIES are gone, brain fog has lifted, mood has improved, inflammation in the face and body has dissolved and general wellbeing has been elevated.  What you can't see is the reversal of dis-ease in the body that was yet unknown.  

I am a planner.  I am planning on getting cancer again.  To prevent hearing those words, I choose to help my body turn to a high DETOX mode daily.  It's a NO-BRAINER to ingest organic, pure forms of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs, superfoods, and spices that have known anti-cancer benefits.  Juicing is NOT A WEIGHT LOSS plan.  It's a plan to be proactive about your health and wellness.  It's a way to keep inflammation at bay.  Inflammation is the beginning of dis-ease in the body.  Weight loss can be a side effect of juicing and clean eating. Once we remove toxins that have been neutralized by fat, the fat goes too.  

The magic number for a juice cleanse is 3 days.  This is because it takes 3 days to reset your bodies cravings for sugar and carbs.  Doing a one day is a great way to hit reset towards a clean eating plan.  

I'm super passionate about all of this because it works.  I want to educate and share with everyone the connection between food and mood, health and wellness.  

Learn this and SO MUCH MORE at Cleanse Camp.  

For more information about "CLEANSING", read CLEAN by Dr. Alejandro Junger.  


February Group Schedule

Shannon Sliger

Friday, February 19th

7am ISHTA yoga w SSS

8am guided meditation

8:20 cleanses distributed/Q&A about cleanse

9am-12 Therapies from 2UMedical, Exhale Spa, or Cleanse Camp

12 Dierdre Meehan talks from the Transcendental Meditation Center of Atlanta

1pm Ayurvedic Food Demo with SSS

2pm-6 Therapies from 2UMedical, Exhale Spa, or Cleanse Camp

6pm Yoga home practice taught/guided meditation

7pm BIG TALK Q&A about day, cleansing, health, wellness, Ayurveda, etc


Saturday, February 20th

7am ISHTA yoga w SSS

8am Mindfulness Meditation with Debbie Dermer

8:20 Cleanse Distributions

8:30 Debbie Dermer discusses Mindfulness 

9-12 Therapies

12 Sally Larsen from Sally B Skin Yummies speaks about toxic skincare

1pm Ayurvedic Food Demo w SSS

2-6 Therapies

6pm yoga home practice taught/practiced

7pm Big Talk



8:30 Yoga/Meditation

10 Breaking the Cleanse/Eating for Your Dosha


The Dtox Difference

Shannon Sliger

What makes Dtox different from other juice bars? 

   ORGANIC                   RAW                     COLD PRESSED                    GLASS

At Dtox Juice, we use ONLY organic produce in our juices.  If we can't get an ingredient organic, we leave it out.  Organic is so important to juicing.  This farmer needs a full body suit and mask to spray the chemicals on the conventional, non organic produce.  It's not safe to breathe, but it's safe to eat?  Do you want your children to eat that? No.  It's common sense.  Could Dtox have a better bottom line if we used non organic?  Yes.  But that was not why I started this business.  

When I started Dtox, it was a way to honor my dad who died is a detoxification facility.  To honor his memory and his struggle, I wanted to educate people about food and mood.

I also wanted to create a place that was convenient to get ALL organic juice and food that helped on one's path to being proactive about their health.  After having a lime sized skin cancer removed from inside my forehead,  I knew that I had to do what I could to be proactive about my health on a daily basis.  Drinking vegetables and eating super foods with known anti cancer benefits makes common sense to me.  

I Dtox for anti-cancer benefits and beauty.  #1 and #2.  Also on the list are allergies, migraines and weight management.  This is why I DTOX on a daily basis.  

Drinking a juice should not be equated with drinking a SlimFast.  It is not a weight loss drink.  It is an investment into your health.  When making that investment, know what you are getting.  Is it organic?  Otherwise, you're drinking juiced pesticides.  Go the extra mile to make sure.  Is it the opposite of healthy and even detrimental? Don't assume because it is a "healthy" food business that they are using organic.  Most do not.  

At Dtox Juice our number one concern is giving our customers the healthiest possible choices available.  We serve our juices RAW. This means we do not pasteurize the juice.  All the juices you find in stores like Whole Foods have been pasteurized with heat or HPP, High Pressure Pasteurization.  This means that the juice has a month or more shelf life.  Not only do you lose vital nutrients and health benefits, but the taste is quite diminished as well.   I know I don't want to drink a 45 day old green juice.  

We cold press our juices on a hydraulic cold-press machine. This method of juice extraction provides a minimum mixing of air with the juices which results in very slow oxidation or decomposition. The tremendous pressure exerted by our juice press gently and completely extracts the vitamins, trace minerals. enzymes, and other vital elements.    

And finally, to ensure the healthiest possible storage of the juice, we use glass bottles.  Everyday it seems a new report comes out about plastic and it's safety issues.  

Being the best is a DTOX commitment.  So many customers tell us how our juices create a different energy or vibration for them.  It is a palpable difference.  

It kills bugs but it's fine for you to eat.