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Transcendental Meditation TM

Shannon Sliger


TM TALK at Cleanse Camp

FRIDAY, February 19th, NOON 

Dierdre Meehan from the Transcendental Meditation Center in Atlanta will be at Cleanse Camp on Friday to discuss all things TM.  

I've been meditating off and on for 10 years.   I've done guided meditations mainly from ISHTA yoga's Alan Finger.  They've been great.  Last week,  I started the Maharishi TM program which involves a beginning ceremony where you get your mantra.  You then meet with a TM moderator for the next 4 days to practice, learn, share and check that all is well.  The science behind meditation is undeniable.  

I have a ton of BS going on in my life right now.  After my week of practicing TM twice a day, I can honestly say I am totally invincible.  The stress and anxiety I had been having are simply gone.  My brain feels recharged each day and I see the effects in my every day life.  It's working.  My nervous system is relaxed.  My patience is restored and I'm enjoying life more despite the circumstances.  

I can't recommend this practice enough.  If you feel like you don't have enough hours in the day, spending these 40 minutes will literally give your more hours of productivity and creativity.  

Come to hear Deirdre explain the hows and whys.