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Best Workouts and Rest for Cellulite

Shannon Sliger

Courtesy of Forme Studios


The best cellulite blasting workouts that I have had the pleasure to attend are Flybarre, Exhale  and Forme.  Targeting the dimply areas with dedication and discipline will pay off.  It's only 45 minutes to an hour.  If you can't hang the whole time, don't sweat it.  Take a break.  You get stronger each class.   At 7 months pregnant.  I skip the ab work and modify however feels good.  All the teachers at these places are totally supportive.  There are many barre classes to choose from and first classes are usually free.  Find the one for you.


Scoot yourself, booty first, up to a wall.  Put your legs up the wall.  This reverses the flow of blood, great for preggies and swollen ankles.  Make sure if pregnant that you aren't there more than a couple minutes and come out if ever light headed.  It helps to flush out the lymphatic system.  Helping toxins exit the body is key to cellulite formation and blood pooling NOT happening.  If pregnant and doing these classes, legs in the air is a great choice to modify while the others do ab work.