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Yoga Lightness

Shannon Sliger

I did my third yoga class since the c section this past Saturday.  The first I did 4 weeks postpartum.  I am a yoga instructor and very intune with my body.  I did a Baptiste style power class and did headstand leg lifts.  It felt great.  I was very modified and took it super easy.  

I did my third yoga class at 8 weeks postpartum on Saturday and I am so sore.  I can really feel the plank work in my abdominal area.  I have always had weak abdominals.  After 2 c sections, I feel the work but I don't feel any weaker from it.  

What I feel as a stark difference in my practice is the lightness.  I have none.  I feel like a brick when I felt light as a feather before.  I was light in my bones and in my mind.  It takes time to feel this or to get back here.  I had forgotten the difference.  It's a practice.  

I you want to feel like a bird in class and not like a dump truck, stick with it.  The lightness comes and it has nothing to do with weight.