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The girl w the one big boob

Shannon Sliger


Daylight savings time brings tired folks and late folks and the girl w the one big boob. Even though we put Ilsa to bed at the same time, she knew something was off. She, and therefore I, was up several times. By 5 am, I put her in bed w me to nurse. 1 hour later, my alarm went off for yoga.  She was still latched on. In laymen terms, she'd been eating on one side for an hour. I jumped up, dressed and ran to yoga.  

In Bikram style hot yoga, you stare at yourself in the mirror most of the class. How appropriate for those who know anything about the founder, Mr Bikram. I digress. 

As I plant my eyes, I notice my left boob is about 14 letdowns bigger than the right. Holy shit.   

Let it go.

As I move through the class, my balance is off. Way off. My balance is never off. It must be the boob. I mean it is literally the size of my head.  

Get out of your head-into your body. I did.  

Zoned out. Follow the breath.  


I noticed the teacher was laughing. Hard.  

I snapped out and looked and the teacher was looking my way laughing.  

Fyi-as a yoga teacher. Don't make inside jokes. Don't laugh at your own jokes. And definitely don't look towards the girl w one big boob and laugh and point. I'm still not sure if it was directed at me. Most likely not.  


Happy Daylight Savings