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Atlanta, Georgia

Daily Dtox focuses on Ayurveda, Beauty, Health and Wellness and the most optimum ways for the body to Detoxify on a daily basis using Food, Juice, Yoga and Meditation.  


A Blog focusing on Juicing, Ayurveda, Yoga, Recipes, Meditation and all things Health and Wellness.  


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Shannon Sliger


Wednesday was an interesting day.  Wednesdays are my day with Bunny and she was not interested in leaving the house.  This meant that by noon, I had only had my Green Tea and Lean Mean Green Juice.  I was feeling a little mean myself and starving by 12:45 so I had a sandwich.  SNL Chris Farley dressed as a girl on a diet came to mind.  I finally got to the rest of my juices.  I had a dandelion elixir, Dtox Energy, probiotic salad and a cacao puerh latte.   

My first workout class in 6 weeks happened Wednesday night on National Britney Spears Day.  Who knew?  It was a Britney themed class for #bringsexyback.  Fate.  Love Donna's Forme class that is held inside Atlanta Activewear.  It goes by extremely quickly even though it is not easy.  Those two things don't usually go together.  She definitely reintroduced me to my abs.    OUCH!   I picked up these cool leggings as the ultimate inspiration to #bringsexyback.  

Thursday -Dtox Work Day

Green Tea, Lean Mean Green, Kale Salad, Pumpkin Smoothie, Green Pineapple, Dtox Tea, Probiotic Salad, Harry and Sons :/.  Wonton Soup without the Wontons, Salmon Roll, Lots of Water and maybe a cocktail